Question Something: The Dreaded Q

When you’re unemployed, there’s probably one question you dread most (well, except for those pesky interview questions):  “So, what are you doing now?” In most circumstances, this question, or the q, is an innocent inquiry meant to facilitate smalltalk and prevent awkward silences.  It’s like a more personal version of, “How’s the weather?” or, “How ’bout … Continue reading

Discuss Something: The Divergent 20s

There are a lot of things that can be said about high school.  “It’s a drag.”  “It’s cliquish.”  “It’s predictable.”  Everyone’s taking a combination of the same classes and have many of the same teachers.  You’re walking down the same cluttered hallways, and probably consuming the same questionable food in the cafeteria.  (Well, unless you … Continue reading

Question Something: What is Peace?

On Tuesday night, while watching President Obama address the nation about the crisis in Syria, I felt a sudden sense of déjà vu.  Like I had seen, or heard this type of speech before: (President George W. Bush issues an ultimatum to Saddam Hussein, March 17, 2003). Many… (President Bill Clinton addresses the Kosovo intervention, … Continue reading

Remember Something: The Night Before

I had barely been in sixth grade for a week, and I was already having an academic meltdown.  I couldn’t figure out the answer to my damn social studies assignment.  It should have been easy (and in retrospect, it probably was) because the questions came from the textbook.  Theoretically, all I had to do was … Continue reading

(People) Watch Something: The Old-ish, Scandinavian Farmer Crowd

I’m a people watcher.  I love just sitting in a crowd and observing the diverse (or not so diverse) group of individuals around me.  (That admittedly sounds a bit creepy, but I swear, I’m totally harmless).  In fact, it’s often unintentionally hilarious, and last night was no exception. Let’s break down the crowd, shall we? … Continue reading

Search Something: The Rejection Robots

The automated rejection email.  You know, the one that goes something like this: Thank you for your interest in [insert job title here], but it has been determined that your resumé does not display the minimum qualifications for this job. Yeah, that email.  If you’re like most poor job seekers these days, you’ve probably seen … Continue reading

Start Something: Welcome to Twentysomething

To the one person currently following this blog: Welcome to Twentysomething Something!  And since that one person is me, welcome to your own blog, Laura! If, by chance, you’re not me, (and I really hope I haven’t been cloned like Dolly the sheep), thanks for stopping by!  You’re probably wondering what this blog is all … Continue reading